Pharma supply chain

The pandemic had a significant impact on global economy with many industries experiencing drastic decline in demand and business revenue. However, the pharmaceutical enterprises, with a zeal to find fastest-cure-first, along with multiplying demand across healthcare treatments triumphed during the crisis. According to a report by  Fortune Business Insights, the global pharmaceuticals market was valued

Inventory Management

Supply Chain executives, leaders, and personnel often find themselves not knowing what inventory they have, where it is, and when it expires. The list of what-ifs can be quite daunting. Despite the criticality of the answer to these questions, that information is not at the fingertips of executives, leaders and personnel. Needless to say, this

The world depends on global supply chains, however, the network is prone to disruptions. Labor shortages, virus outbreaks, technological issues, and more can lead to substantial delays and increased costs but one factor is more frightening to supply chains than any other i.e. the rising temperatures. With rising temperatures across the globe, scientists say that

Cross-functional team collaboration is a key factor to grow and scale a business successfully. It drives continuous improvement within the organization, enables agility and creative problem solving, and also reduces costs. Most importantly it keeps everyone aligned with the organizational goals. However, when teams work cross-functions, there is added complexity in dealing with people who

In today’s world, the most critical challenges businesses face are adapting to rapidly changing market conditions and changing consumer expectations. The strategy that might have worked for businesses in the last few years may require an overhaul to meet the present requirements. To meet these ever-changing needs, organizations need flexibility not only from systems but

There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times that have disrupted local, regional, and global supply chains pushing many procurement organizations to find ways to evolve and meet their targets. To thrive, a new approach to managing and organizing work in an adaptable manner is a must. In this article, we look

The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification has gained importance among project managers as well as recruiters. Today most employers list ‘PMP certification’ as a required or strongly preferred skill when posting a job opportunity. Organizations that support PMP certified professionals have more well informed, expert, and disciplined workforce. Hiring PMP certified resources organizations can make

The role of effectively sourcing goods and services from suppliers has become unavoidable as businesses continue to tie together the power of globalization to expand performance. Strategic sourcing plays a vital role when it comes to the competitiveness and cost structure of a business. It can help in improving the value to price affiliation through

supply chain agility

Whether it is a global pandemic, trade wars, geopolitical instability, tariffs or natural disasters, these disruptions make a significant impact on supply chains globally. With such unpredictable disruptions, companies must invest in building key capabilities in their supply chains i.e. agility, resilience, and sustainability. Here we will talk about how to increase supply chain agility

Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is one of the most important processes for manufacturers that should be run at the right frequency. With the right MRP, an organization can expect an increase in on-time shipments, lesser inventory carrying costs, lower inventory shortages, and happy customers. Whether it is done through the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system,

The year 2021 saw supply chain issues getting worse due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, the computer chip shortage had a ripple effect across various industries. There were concerns raised about everything from restaurant food supplies to coffee shortages to lithium supply for electric vehicle batteries. Supply chain issues have never been so

The interest in collaboration between humans and robots across the supply chain has been on the rise and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this aspect even more. Automation alone can be inflexible and expensive since robots are typically designed to carry out only one specific task. The companies are realizing that the best option