The role of effectively sourcing goods and services from suppliers has become unavoidable as businesses continue to tie together the power of globalization to expand performance. Strategic sourcing plays a vital role when it comes to the competitiveness and cost structure of a business. It can help in improving the value to price affiliation through

supply chain agility

Whether it is a global pandemic, trade wars, geopolitical instability, tariffs or natural disasters, these disruptions make a significant impact on supply chains globally. With such unpredictable disruptions, companies must invest in building key capabilities in their supply chains i.e. agility, resilience, and sustainability. Here we will talk about how to increase supply chain agility

The year 2021 saw supply chain issues getting worse due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, the computer chip shortage had a ripple effect across various industries. There were concerns raised about everything from restaurant food supplies to coffee shortages to lithium supply for electric vehicle batteries. Supply chain issues have never been so

The interest in collaboration between humans and robots across the supply chain has been on the rise and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this aspect even more. Automation alone can be inflexible and expensive since robots are typically designed to carry out only one specific task. The companies are realizing that the best option

The incredibly growing complexity of the pharmaceutical supply chain has forced the industry to rethink the way of managing cold chain logistics. Cold chain logistics has become a complex process over the last few years demanding fundamental transformation and a structural revamping to put cold chain logistics into perspective. Managing the transportation of temperature-controlled products

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across businesses, which, in turn, has led to generation of massive data. When managed and leveraged in an appropriate way, data can be a goldmine for businesses to make smarter decisions. For most of the businesses, supply chains are the lifeblood. Collaboration across  various suppliers, processes, software has long

Looking for a career in supply chain management? You are not alone, especially now when the COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness about the global importance of this crucial sector- and has shown it to be a great career option. Supply chains involve a series of processes that takes a product from the manufacturer to the

Supply Chain extends from the factory where the goods are manufactured to the time they are delivered to the customer or to distribution centers and further to retail channels. Supply chain strategies determine when the product should be manufactured, delivered to distribution centers and finally made available in the retail channel. To achieve this a

Diversifying sourcing is now widely being seen as a critical step in making supply chains more resilient to cope with global disruptions. A trend that has accelerated during the ongoing COVID saga. The years 2020 and 2021 were hugely disruptive years. 72% of the companies experienced external disruptions to their manufacturing supply chain as per

Circular Supply Chain

Circular Supply Chain For The Future

The supply chain structure has remained unchanged since the time humans began distributing products to each other. The raw materials are changed into the final product and then are distributed, used, and finally discarded. This linear supply chain model has been working for decades and has been sufficient to churn the economies. However, now with