The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification has gained importance among project managers as well as recruiters. Today most employers list ‘PMP certification’ as a required or strongly preferred skill when posting a job opportunity. Organizations that support PMP certified professionals have more well informed, expert, and disciplined workforce. Hiring PMP certified resources organizations can make

Contingency planning is all about having a backup strategy for your business in case of any unforeseen events that may knock off your plans off track. Every project undertaken in a business has a unique set of risks, therefore when project managers carry out a risk assessment and identify potential threats, a proactive backup plan

When you are managing a project, invariably you have to weigh one option against another. A cost benefit analysis is the easiest way of comparing all your options to determine which will be the right one for your project. What is Cost Benefit Analysis? CBA or Cost Benefit Analysis is an efficient technique that is