Why should you hire a PMP Certified Consultant for project/program management?

The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification has gained importance among project managers as well as recruiters. Today most employers list ‘PMP certification’ as a required or strongly preferred skill when posting a job opportunity.

Organizations that support PMP certified professionals have more well informed, expert, and disciplined workforce. Hiring PMP certified resources organizations can make sure that the resource is well aware of recent developments in the project management field. Moreover, having PMP certified consultant will ensure that the person is rightly equipped and has the necessary skills to carry out project management work at the highest level. This article explores the business value of PMP certification i.e. why you should hire a PMP certified consultant for project/program management.

Why PMP Certification?

Project management has become more complex and challenging in today’s world. Organizations are looking for professionals to run their projects who are PMP certified.

PMP certified holders are trained according to best project management practices that meet global standards. The certification validates a candidate’s project management skills and shows the commitment to furthering his/her professional development.

By hiring a PMP certified consultant you can ensure that the individual would be well-equipped to identify, scope, and deliver large end to end projects.

Let’s dig deep into it and find out why you should hire a PMP certified consultant

PMP certified consultants have greater chances to make projects successful

The knowledge gained by PMP certified professionals allows them to manage projects in a more robust, smart, and efficient manner when compared with individuals who are not PMP certified. The success rate is much higher in projects run by PMP certified consultants; they can save costs and a lot of time by managing the project efficiently. With PMP certified people, organizations tend to complete more of their projects on time, and on budget while meeting the defined goals.

Therefore, hiring a PMP certified consultant has become important for most employers since they can ensure minimizing project costs and maximizing output.

Potential clients now want only PMP certified consultants

Nowadays, many potential clients keep a mandatory requirement of having a PMP certified professional onboard because they understand the importance of good project management and they do not want their project to fail or go over budget or beyond schedule. The clients know that PMP consultants will manage their projects in a more efficient way than the non-certified people. As a result, organizations are now preferring to have PMPs in their team as it maximizes the chance of getting new projects.

It streamlines and standardizes project management practices

Hiring more PMP certified people in an organization means that there will be standard project/program management procedures. This is because PMPs across the globe be likely to follow the same project management framework and procedures. It results in higher collaboration and synchronization in the program or project.

For instance, Project Management Professionals lay great importance on communication during projects and recommend making a proper communication plan within the project plan. By having more PMP professionals, an organization can ensure proper connection to all the stakeholders is being made and all the prospects of the projects are being communicated to the top management. As a result, there is active participation from top management that can contribute significantly to the project’s success.

PMP certification shows the seriousness of an individual in the Project Management Profession

By hiring a PMP certified individual organization can be assured that the individual is serious about the project management profession, and it is his/her chosen career path. This is important since many employers invest a significant amount of time and effort to mould and train the employee according to their methodologies and procedures. Most organizations conduct trainings and sponsor certifications for project management. Hence, hiring a PMP certified individual is more beneficial than hiring a mere part-timer in the field of project management since it saves both time and costs. Furthermore, PMP certified professionals rarely change their career path.

Final Word

PMP certification as a skill is not only important for individuals who wish to pursue a career in project management but also for employers. Project Management Professionals have an up-to-date and refined set of skills and tools that can have a great impact on the success of running a project. PMP certified consultants can be boon to organizations for winning new projects and completing them successfully. The standard project management methodologies followed by the PMP professionals can lead to increased productivity and eventually the growth of the organization.