Inventory Management

Supply Chain executives, leaders, and personnel often find themselves not knowing what inventory they have, where it is, and when it expires. The list of what-ifs can be quite daunting. Despite the criticality of the answer to these questions, that information is not at the fingertips of executives, leaders and personnel. Needless to say, this

Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic has politicians around the world vowing to take action to limit dependence on China. The US has spoken about bringing the supply chains to the US from China. They have even floated it publicly that some friendly nations in Asia could help produce essential goods. So can the US end China’s control


In the wake of COVID-19 outbreak and other disruptions, the supply chain leaders have to balance efficiency and resilience to secure their network and minimize supply chain downtimes. The general geopolitical trend towards nationalization, Brexit, the US-China trade war, and lately, the pandemic have changed the priorities of many supply chain frontrunners. They have to